HUS Diagnostic Centre

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HUS Diagnostic Centre

In the pathology laboratories, we analyze cell and tissue samples and conduct hospital autopsies. The pathologist examines samples under a microscope and gives a statement on the sample, which is then sent to the referring physician. 

Our division includes the pathology laboratories in Meilahti, Hyvinkää, Jorvi, Kymenlaakso, and South Karelia. The organ transplantation and hematology laboratory operates in connection with the Meilahti pathology laboratory. 

We conduct approximately 430,000 tests every year. An important part of our work is case meetings, which are organized in cooperation with almost all the clinical specialties. We work in close cooperation with clinicians from different fields. 

  • 5 laboratories: Meilahti, Jorvi, Hyvinkää, Kotka, Lappeenranta
  • > 50 pathologists, 10 fellows or residents
  • Large sample volyme:
    • ca. 50.000 surgical speciments
    • ca. 40.000 biopsies
    • sytological samples