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About our group

Prostate Cancer Research Group (PCRG) is co-led by professor Antti Rannikko (urologist) and associate professor Tuomas Mirtti (pathologist).

The group consists of several clinical scientists (PhD students, senior researchers and post docs), preclinical/translational scientists (PhD students and post docs), masters students (bioinformatics, statistics) and assisting personnel.

Assisting personnel:

Study coordinator Merja Rignell, study nurses Katja Kiianlinna and Minna Malmstedt, research secretary Ulla Markkanen, biotechnician Miia Kokkola, laboratory assistant Eija Kokko, assistant Sini-Sofia Hänninen.

Group leaders

Assistant professor Antti Rannikko

Associate professor Tuomas Mirtti (full curriculum vitae)

“I have more than 20 years of experience in urological cancer research. I am a board certified consulting pathologists and a chief physician at the Department of Pathology, HUS Diagnostic Center. My research interests and clinical responsibilities comprise of urological diseases, mainly cancer diagnostics. My research is built on real-life data, patient-derived samples and multidisciplinary research methods. My research aims to delineate novel biomarkers of urological cancers and incorporates artificial intelligence to conventional methods (histology, biomedicine, imaging). The main objective is to develop better prognostic and diagnostic methods for an individualized therapy decision-making. Our assets are well-curated real-life data and related sample repositories, state-of-the art methodology and networking with the national and international top investigators.” – Tuomas Mirtti


Andrew Erickson


Senior Researchers

Hanna Vasarainen


Kanerva Lahdensuo

Kanerva Lahdensuo 3jpg

Tuomas Kilpeläinen

Mika Matikainen

Anssi Petas