About our group

Prostate Cancer Research Group (PCRG) is co-led by professor Antti Rannikko (urologist) and associate professor Tuomas Mirtti (pathologist).

The group consists of several clinical scientists (PhD students, senior researchers and post docs), preclinical/translational scientists (PhD students and post docs), masters students (bioinformatics, statistics) and assisting personnel.

Assisting personnel:

Study nurses Katja Kiianlinna and Minna Malmstedt, research secretary Ulla Markkanen, biotechnician Miia Kokkola.

Group Leaders

Tuomas Mirtti

Antti Rannikko

Post Docs

Eugen Czeizler

Andrew Erickson

Daniel Laajala

Ph.D. Students

Oussama Batouche

Timo-Pekka Lehto

Tolou Shadbahr

Oleg Kerro

Ruusu-Maaria Kovanen

Utku Lokman

Juho Pylväläinen

Kevin Sandeman

Senior Researchers

Tuomas Kilpeläinen

Kanerva Lahdensuo

Mika Matikainen

Anssi Petas

Hanna Vasarainen

Assisting Personnel

Jenny Hovisilta

Suvi Karvonen

Katja Kiianlinna

Miia Kokkola

Minna Malmstedt


Helsinki Urological Cancer Research Group centers around the clinical and academic work done at the HUS Helsinki University Hospital and Helsinki University. Department of urology is the largest in Finland with an catchment area of ca. 1.5M inhabitants and 25 staff members. Our center is a tertiary referral center for centralized surgery (e.g. Cystectomy, prostatectomy, urethraplasty, RPLND) but at the same time also responsible for the primary diagnostics, treatments and follow-up of all urological cancers in greater Helsinki area.

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Prostate Cancer Research Group

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Twitter feed is not available at the moment.

Twitter feed is not available at the moment.